Thursday, February 1, 2018

Paneer and Bell Pepper stir fry

Paneer and Bell Pepper stir fry

Paneer (Indian cottage cheese) - 12 cubes ( marinate with little red chili powder, coriander powder, jeera powder, turmeric, salt and Ghee)
Bell Pepper - 1 whole and chop in to bite size pieces
Onion - 1/4 and chop into bite size pieces
Any Spice powder - to taste
Salt - to taste
Ghee - 1tbsp (you can use oil also)


1. Heat oil in a pan, Add paneer and fry nicely and put them away in separate plate
2. Now in same pan, add onion, Bell pepper n stir nicely few mins until they are cooked but crunchy
3. Now add Paneer back  to pan n add spice powder n salt if necessary and stir well.
4. Squeeze lemon juice while eating.

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